The Grace Children's Orphanage was founded in 1998 and has been reaching out to India with the compassionate love of God! Our vision is based on two pillars of faith as taught by Jesus Christ: to love God and to love our fellow brother and sister regardless of gender, race, class or creed.


GCO is a multi-faceted ministry that reaches out to our communities with the love of God both spiritually and physically. We comprise of spiritual outreach through our churches as well as bringing compassionate love to men and women in dire need through catastrophic relief and medical relief etc.,


We bring hope and a chance at a bright future to poor and at risk children through our orphanages, child care programs and relief programs etc,.


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India has the second largest population in the world, with 1.4 billion people.

About 444 million children of the population are children below the age of 6.

Every 30 seconds two children become orphans.

An estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans.

There are more than 35 million orphaned and abandoned children in India.


Please you can save the one child at a time and you have the power to give an orphaned or abandoned child the foundation for a promising future. Donate or sponsor to give a child a stable, loving home.



                   "MISSION STATEMENT"


Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27) "


On November 6th, year 1996, a great cyclone hit us. We lost everything. Homes and fields were damaged severely. 2,000 people died at this time. 1996 was a terrible year for our area. Amalapuram, A devastating cyclone occurred with heavy downpour of rain and lashing winds where thousands of houses washed away, thousands of yielding trees felled to the ground, thousands of human beings, children men, & women and old people were washed away and died and many animals died. It was every Pathetic and heart wrenching experience to go through that scene. Children without parents, relatives were in the streets after the heavy delusion, begging for food and clothing many became subject to the communicable diseases like cholera, Typhoid and decently, pneumonia, dengue fever etc., Millions of people remained as suffering population. As result of this, we opened our home to many orphan children. It is by faith in God alone, 


Our orphanage ministry come to the rescue of the people especially children and old widows who lost their Belongings in the natural calamities such as floods, fire accidents, earthquake ,cyclone etc., by attending in teams by helping them cooking vessels, rice, clothing and blankets, medicines and other required items. The entire expenditure is being met by our Ministry all over the state wherever such calamity occur, As I looked at this horrible suffering sconce, I was moved and I visited the homes of the surviving families and believers and begged them to share some food and clothing for the cyclone victims. I and few others took up this task to feed the people and distributed relief clothing. Even though I lost my own house yet I engaged myself in giving relief to these especially, I paid special attention to the orphans and old widows. And supporting equipment for people with disabilities.


I started this ministry with the name GRACE CHILDREN'S ORPHANAGE in 1996 itself and got it registered with the Government in the year 1998. The registered charity number, 0101701480. We the organization Grace Children's orphanage committed to serve the destitute children (boys and girls) Since that time the orphan children have been receiving school education, residency, food, clothing, uniform, medical care and widows are being given total care like food, clothing, housing, medical care etc., the Lord have been promoting this ministry through donations from individuals and friends. The ministry is still in progress, looking forward for friends, and individuals for support. The ministry is growing, orphan children have to get into high school and college. We cannot ignore them at this juncture. They need to study and take up some job or trade and maintain and support their survival.


Our primary motto is to inculcate the spiritual learning and build up God's Wisdom among the boarders. In the beginning we have started with 10 children in our home with our own resources. Now the present strength raised up to 100 children with in 3 branches (places) from Believers of our Lord Jesus Christ and Christian donors who are interested in our main aim to uplift the destitute children and deprived widows. By the God's grace the maintenance of hostel etc., is being developed day by day. Among the 3 branches, 2 branches are our own buildings and the remaining 1 branch have taken by paying rent (rented building) We have to construct permanent buildings in the remaining rented building for which we are praying to God every day. More parent less and poor children approaching us to give them also admission in our institution, because it is running and conducting on sound lines without profit making efforts. But since we are not able to maintain the present staff itself with our limited sources, we require some more sponsors to assist us in this mighty effort to admit more and more poor and needy children in this area into our Grace Children's orphanage, charity organization.


Therefore, I need your help, please adopt this orphanage and widows home and God will bless you. Please pray for our ministry unceasingly. So that our good Lord will speak to you to be a part of this Grace Children's Orphanage Ministry. Looking forward to your favorable reply & support. Please do pray for us and for our work In India.


Thanking You.


                  EMMANUEL NETHALA

                         ( President )

 Email: gracechildrenorphanage@gmail.com  
 Mobile: +919849179521




“God is at work through His people, caring for hundreds of orphans, widows and vulnerable children in India,

  bringing hope and a future through Gospel of Jesus Christ-centered care.”